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Flash Aviation Shop

Zeelsterstraat 177a

5652 EG Eindhoven

the Netherlands

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Entering our shop is at your own risk !

Flash Aviation has a large store in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, which is entirely devoted to aviation. Our shop of 200 square meters houses some 40.000 aviation related articles including a lot of second hand goods.

Most of the articles can be send to you by post. Postage outside the Netherlands will be at cost.

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Telephone +31 (0)40-2525661
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Kamer van Koophandel / Chambre of Commerce Nr. 170.46649

Flash Aviation, Zeelsterstraat 177a, 5652 EG Eindhoven

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Flash Aviation, Eindhoven

IBAN NL43INGB0003126138


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Normal opening hours...


(prior permission requested)


(prior permission requested)


(prior permission requested)

Thursday t/m Saturday

11.00 - 17.00 uur



  On the following days/national holidays our shop is closed...





New years day


January 1st




April 27th


Ascension Day (Thursday)


May 26th


Dutch Air Force open day


none this year




December 25th and 26th


Het is mogelijk dat wij in de zomer op sommige donderdag- of vrijdagen een kwartiertje tot een half uurtje eerder dicht zijn vanwege onze ballonvaart activiteiten, bij twijfel bel of mail gerust !

It is possible that on certain Thursday's or Friday's in the Summer our shop is closed 15 or 30 minutes earlier due to balloon flying activities on Thursday and Friday. If in doubt call or mail us !

We are open on...
Good Friday (Goede vrijdag)

Liberty day (bevrijdingsdag) except for the National liberation day held once every five years

We are open all summer.

Drive in...

The Flash aviation shop is easily to reach. We are situated close to the Highway A2 Maastricht - Eindhoven - Amsterdam. From the North take highway N2 (not A2) and the junction directly after the Airport junction. This will lead you over the highway, past the Evoluon ending in a round-about. Turn right and right again at the trafiic lights and you are in our street

From the south it nowadays is a bit more difficult.. Take the new junction 31, turn left at the end of the junction. Drive to the landmark metal point (a bicycle round-about at high level), take a right turn there and follow the road until you pass a channel. Take the first right and the first left and you are in our street

Public transport/openbaar vervoer...

The best way to visit the shop by public transport is taking the bus at the railway station.

- Line 13 heading "Lievendaal". Jump out at the second stop and walk for another 500 meters and you'll find us on the other side of the road.

- Line 401 stopping at the Bredalaan

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overheard in our shop

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Prices and availability are subject to changes, please check before ordering

Prices and availability are subject to changes, please check before ordering

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