Fouga Magister, Whistling Turtles in Belgian Skies (Dutch)

Fouga Magister, Whistling Turtles in Belgian Skies (Dutch)


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Publisher: Flash, ISBN 9789071553240

Writer : Van Heertum & Arys (Produced 2007)

Pages : 220

Color pict : 650 B/w pict: 20 illustrations: 10

Format : Square, Softback

Subject : Military Aviation, Dutch Language

Description in Dutch/Omschrijving : Fotoboek over de Fouga Magister welke niet minder dan 47 jaar in dienst is geweest bij de Belgische Luchtmacht! Historie, inzet, demonstratieteams en piloten, de vliegtuigen, walk-around etc

Description : Pictorial book on the Fouga Magister which has seen 47 years of service within the Belgian Air Force ! History, development, demonstration teams and pilots, individual aircraft, walk around etc

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